Solid Steel Wood Saws


Our Circular Saw Blades, MALTESERKREUZ Brand, are manufactured from high-grade raw materials. Modern equipment operated by highly skilled staff guarantee high-quality products, which made us so successful locally and worldwide.

Important tooth shapes:
DIN : KV = Shape A
DIN : NV = Shape B
DIN : NV 5° = Shape C
DIN : AV = Shape D
DIN : KV 5° =  Shape E

Sizes from Ø 400 mm – Ø 1500 mm
Smaller or bigger sizes and extra requirements are available on request.

Friction Circular Saw Blade


Our high-grade friction saw blades, MALTESERKREUZ BRAND, are used among other things for cutting profiles, thin-walled tubes, gratings etc.. It is characterised by its high abrasion resistance and a long life-time.

Basic version in material 80 CrV 2 (material-no. 1.2235) chrom-vanadium-steel, plain hardened, hollow or surface ground, tensioned and straightened.

Tooth geometry:
Tooth Trennjäger; pointed toothing

Standard Dimension:


400 x 3,0 mm     240  teeth
450 x 3,0 mm     240  teeth
520 x 3,0 mm     300  teeth
520 x 4,0 mm     300  teeth
550 x 4,0 mm     300  teeth
600 x 4,0 mm     300  teeth
700 x 5,0 mm     300  teeth
1000 x 8,0 mm   350  teeth




Circular Knives


Used in several fields such as food industry, paper industry, plastic industry etc..





Blanks / Saw Bodies


Semifinished products for the manufacturing of TCT-Sawblades.

Ground or unground finish



Hardening / Heat Treatment Facility


Quenching und tempering of tool steels primarily for the saw- and knive industry.

Many reputable saw- and tool companies are taking advantage of our highly developed heat treatment service which is well known in several countries arround the world.